How to get to the speedboat pier on Koh Chang

Because most of the Koh Chang area is still a protected nature / wildlife reserve and our famlies have been living on this island for so many years, we tend to take the local and global environment very serious. As a speedboat engine still burns a lot more gasoline per Km. or nautical sea mile than the average car, songteaw or minibus does, we will always try to land and depart from locations that are as fuel economical and thus environment friendly as possible and not attempt to pick up our passengers from every beach in front of a resort, hotel or guesthouse all over Koh Chang. However, we do understand that making travel arangements can be a tedious task that many like to limit as much as possible, so we have chosen to include free transportation from your favorite Koh Chang resort, guesthouse or hotel, to our own private speedboat pier in the Kai Bae Beach area on Ko chang with every speedboat ticket (as long as your resort is located between White Sand beach in the north and Bang Bao bay in the south). All you need to do is fill out where you would like to be picked up from and one of our songthaew's (the white to bus converted pickup trucks) will pick you up from in front of your hotel lobby or nearest possible point about an hour prior to departure. Please make sure that the front desk / reception staff and / or security guards know where to find you starting from a couple of hours before departure, so our drivers can easily find or connect with you when necessary, but know that they can not wait more than a few minutes in each place.

So if getting to our Kai Bae Hut pier may sometimes seem to take a bit longer than you expected, please remember that it is all done the make less of an impact on the local and global enviroment.

From Bangkok / Airport Pick ups, etc.

When coming from anywhere on the mainland including Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi international airport or Trat airport, there is no need to head to Koh Chang first, if you want to go to Ko Kood, Ko Maak or Ko Wai. By using our speedboat service or ferry service from Laem Sok on the mainland near Trat city, to Koh Kood or Koh Mak, you will not only save a few hundred baht on the cost of the ferry to Koh Chang and a Song Theaw from the ferries to our main pier, but also a good two hours of additional travel time.

Getting to & from the Makatanee pier on Koh Mak

The Makathanee Resort pier on Koh Mak is one of the best known piers on the island because it's the only pier where locals can travel to the mainland from during the low season. Getting (directions) to there will therefore not be a problem. Unlike most wooden, single-season, piers on Koh Kood or Koh Wai, the Makatanee pier is a mostly concrete pier that can service and dock more that a single speedboat at the time. The Makathanee resort is also one of the very few traffic hubs on the island: The resort owns and operates two comfortabel minibuses that can take you to nearly all of the resorts on the island quickly; there are motorcycles for rent at the end of the pier; the island's taxi service can be summonded within a matter of minutes and you can easly start a bike ride from the main road, right behind the resort. Transportation to the Makathanee pier on Koh Mak will usually be available through the reception of your resort or bungalow park.

From Koh Kood back to Koh Chang or to Koh Mak

There is a permanent pier on Koh Kood, much like the one we use on Koh Mak, but as it's location can only be reached by car or perhaps on the back of a motorcycle and due to the fact that nearly all resorts on Koh Kood have their own private pier, we still collect our much valued customers from the comforts of this private pier, but only if the tides and other local conditions allow for it. Just make sure that you have a confirmed booking and after breakfast you can sit and enjoy a last view of Koh Kood's crystal clear seas until you see one of our speedboats arrive or until the resort's staff will bring you to the nearest pier that is in operation.

Safe and Secure

All of the Koh Chang speedboat steersmen undergo a stringent traning and qualifying process and pass regular health and driving skill checkup's by certified professionals to ensure the safety of our passengers at all times. All speed boats come with a sufficient number of life vest which passengers are stronly encouraged to wear for the entire duration of the trip. Please try to refrain from using the driver as a source of information during the transfer. If you have any questions about point of interest or the name of an island, please check with your fellow passengers or get the attention of one of the mates on the boat, point to the island and ask: Koh Mak? or Koh Chang? and they will tell you which island it is. Unfortunately, besides "tickets (pls)" and the names of the resorts, they do not have much knowledge of the English or any other language, besides Thai and some Khmer (Cambodian). They will gladly help you with (dis)embarking and luggage storage to make up for this though.